Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Ten Guilty Pleasures

1. Diet Pepsi
I don’t know if this is as much of a guilty pleasure then it is an addiction. I would like to state for the record that my doctor has told me to cut out the diet soda ASAP while I am pregnant, so I have quit cold turkey (not the first time). This will be a day by day choice; we will see how it goes.

2. Popcorn with REAL melted butter
Now this is a pleasure that I don’t often indulge in. One bag of microwave popcorn with half a cube of REAL melted butter. Okay, I know this is a heart attack in a bowl, that is why I don’t eat it very often, but it is SUPER yummy.

3. Sudoku
I love Sudoku and have a hard time passing up this little puzzle. My daughter has a Sudoku game on her DSI and I sneak into her room once she goes to bed and take her DSI and play Sudoku before I going to bed..

4. Watching Movies
The joy of watching new movies with my husband. I enjoy all movies and I think I like the time alone with my hubby as much as I like watching the movie.

5. HOT baths
Who doesn’t enjoy a nice relax in the tub. Add bubbles, candles, maybe a book, and of course locking the door; that is a nice way to spend an hour after a long day.

6. My green/white softy blanket
I bought this blanket at Homegoods a year and a half ago. It is fuzzy on one side and soft on the other. Secretly, I don’t go far without my blanket.

7. Creating things in Excel
I am kind of a computer nerd. I love creating and editing things. I use Excel for just about anything and I always find a reason that it is important to use.

8. Seat warmers in my car
I use these silly things in the middle of the summer. Enough said.

9. Taco Bell (bean burrito)
My favorite fast food place yummmmmm.

10. The TV Show House
I would love to be Dr. Gregory House for just one day.


  1. I haven't eaten at taco bell in FOREVER! And I too love my seat warmers.

  2. #7 made me laugh, you are cute :) I love watching movies for sure, and my dad's air-popped popcorn with real butter, and OTHER peoples seat warmers - coz sadly I don't have any!

  3. Hurray another fan of House. Erik and I love to watch that show! However he is sort of a depressing person and very self destructive. Like I said love the show:)